Hushed And Grim Limited Edition Clear Vinyl, Zip Hoodie and Raglan Bundle

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Mastodon's Hushed and Grim Limited Edition Clear Vinyl, Zip Hoodie + Raglan Bundle features:

  • Limited Edition Clear Vinyl
  • Hushed and Grim zip hoodie
  • Hushed Eagle raglan tee

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl Tracklist:

Side 1
01 Pain With An Anchor
02 The Crux
03 Sickle And Peace
04 More Than I Could Chew

Side 2
01 The Beast
02 Skeleton Of Splendor
03 Teardrinker
04 Pushing The Tides

Side 3
01 Peace And Tranquility
02 Dagger
03 Had It All
04 Savage Lands

Side 4
01 Gobblers Of Dregs
02 Eyes Of Serpents
03 Gigantium

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